‘Über Wasser’ – Water, Water Everywhere

‪Welcome to the "temple of water." This is not a place for speaking loudly or hurrying through. Why? Because it is dedicated to the most magnificent, powerful and unpredictable element of nature. 

The exhibition “Über Wasser” is currently being shown at the Bucerius Kunst Forum in Hamburg. As the name implies, it features a wealth of photos and paintings of water that seek to remind visitors about the destructive power and restorative abilities of water.

The visit to the Bucerius Kunst Forum took place after a long workshop day and offered some inspiration of a different kind
The visit to the Bucerius Kunst Forum took place after a long workshop day and offered a different kind of inspiration

The many masterpieces by great names include “The Sea of Ice,” a painting by Caspar David Friedrich that fairly exudes cold and desperation, and one of the most expensive photos in the world – “Bangkok II” by Andreas Gursky. The photo that was the most technically difficult to execute is “Swimming pool” by Andreas Geffeler, and Katsushika Hokusai’s classic Japanese engraving “The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” attractive in its simplicity .

The temple attendants are no less interesting. The guide who introduces us to the world of water looks like a monk of some ancient cult,  except he might have been wearing more appropriate attire. His knowledge about how the watery works of art were created was truly impressive. The word water sparkles brighter when he pronounced it, and he repeats it again and again.

Afterwards, everyone will leave the Bucerius Kunst Forum in the same awed silence and the masterpieces will await new visitors and a new story. Because what is the sense of existing without a story?