Ukraine’s Most Popular Morning TV Show

Find out how the Ukrainian broadcaster 1+1's morning show is produced in Kiev!

Production Data
Shot in Kiev, November 9, 2015
Script, Production, Camera: Lesia Bakalets
Used Video Gear: Nikon
Edited with: Velocity


The video tells the story of “how it’s made” about the Ukrainian morning TV show “The Breakfast with 1+1″. You can have a look behind the scenes of the TV production, find out about the structure of the program and meet the people who make it.

About the Program

“The Breakfast with 1+1″ is the most popular morning TV show in Ukraine. It airs on the TV channel “1+1″, which first started broadcasting in September 1995 and became the first Ukrainian language channel with nationwide coverage. In the autumn of 2015, 1+1 will celebrate its 20th anniversary. The CEO of 1+1 is Oleksandr Tkachenko.

The program airs from Monday to Friday and currently has four presenters, who work in pairs who alternate weekly.

The show begins at 6.45 am and features several releases of breaking news as well as information on economy, culture and social life.


About the People in the Video

We meet the show’s two presenters:

Anatoliy Anatolich is one of the most popular people in Ukraine. He used to work for a morning radio show, so it is not a problem for him to wake up early every working day.

Anatoliy’s facebook page

Marina Leonchuk is the former presenter of breaking news and now one of the women who tells Ukrainians to wake up.

Marina’s facebook page

Background Information

Facts about the program:

  1. It is the oldest one in Ukraine – it first went live in 1997 and has been continuing ever since;
  2. It is is the longest program in the country – it lasts for three hours;
  3. The studio is divided into three zones: culinary, where different dishes are prepared by presenter Ruslan Senichkin, the zone for guests and the mobile zone with a huge screen;
  4. The program has won several national TV prizes.


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